April 20, 2016

The Daily Startup

As venture capital investment slowed in the first quarter, investors slammed the brakes on funding for consumer services. But some investors still bet consumers will pay to have drivers pick up their laundry so they don’t have to haul it to dry cleaners themselves: San Francisco-based Rinse Inc. grabbed $6 million in Series A funding, Cat Zakrzewski reports for VentureWire. In the on-demand economy, few services besides food delivery have become as crowded as laundry. Washio Inc., Laundry Locker Inc., Cleanly Inc., FlyCleaners Inc. and other competitors all focus on dry cleaning and laundry delivery. Rinse co-founder and Chief Executive Ajay Prakash pushes back against the comparison of his company to others in the on-demand laundry space. He said though the company can offer laundry service in 24 hours, he has focused on providing a quality dry cleaning experience rather than a fast one.