FusionOps for IT

Fly in Alignment
with the Business

Now IT can put the tools down, be more strategic, and give the business what they need. Fast. Good. Answers.

Sweet (Data) Harmony

Every IT person knows that data wrangling is a pain. Integrating data from from multiple ERP, CRM, or POS systems takes years. Now your time can be spent on more strategic things than data prep. Instead of using tools, simply connect your data sources to the FusionOps Cloud. It gets cleaned and harmonized across all sources.

Drive Innovation with Data Science

Now you can deliver powerful predictive and prescriptive intelligence to your business without writing a single line of code. The FusionOps Supply Chain Intelligence Cloud leverages the latest data science and machine learning capabilities. Pre-defined algorithms for demand forecasting and optimal inventory levels take your business performance to new heights.

Deliver Value, Not More Reports

The biggest challenge with analytics isn’t finding the answers, but knowing what questions to ask. FusionOps gives IT the advantage of providing the business with the most in-depth supply chain knowledge on the planet. Your business will improve service level, optimize inventory, improve forecasts and increase supplier reliability.

Everything’s Smarter with the FusionOps API

The FusionOps API makes it easy to integrate supply chain intelligence into your enterprise applications, BI tools or Hadoop data lakes, just to name a few. APIs adhere to role-based security standards in FusionOps and won’t compromise data security.

Give the People What They Want

FusionOps will delight users and free you from the never-ending report backlog. Everyone, from the C-Suite to the shop floor, can access accurate, relevant, timely supply chain information from any device. An intuitive interface and pre-defined analytics makes it easy to create dashboards, edit reports and even set up automated alerts.

Powerful User Management and Governance

As an IT leader, you’re the guardian of your company’s data. You need to ensure data quality and control access to sensitive information. FusionOps puts you in control with deep user management, auditing and data access controls. Support for SAML-based SSO makes it easy to manage authentication across thousands of users.


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