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To run a healthy pharma company, you need to increase revenue in high growth segments, and reduce cost and working capital for mature products. FusionOps Pharma helps companies stay agile and lean without sacrificing service level with end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Reduce Inventory without Sacrificing Service Level

FusionOps Pharma helps companies find opportunities to reduce lead time and inventory while maintaining service level with SCOR-based supply chain analytics.

Insights from:

Allen Jacques, VP, Pharma Supply Chain, FusionOps

Drive Supply Chain Segmentation to Support Revenue Growth and Cost Reduction:

Improved segmentation it critical to business success. And FusionOps allows easy segmentation of products and customers with Big Data analytics. Transaction-level information around margin, cost, service level, volume, volatility and more helps pharma companies streamline product and customer groupings.

Reduce Inventory without Sacrificing Service Levels:

It’s a balancing act – cutting your inventory while making sure your customers stay happy. Gain powerful insights into inventory profiles and root cause drivers across the manufacturing and distribution network in order to right-size and drive reduction.

Improve Supply Chain Agility with End-to-End Lead-Time Analysis:

Want to stay fully agile? Learn your weaknesses and fix them immediately. FusionOps’ end-to-end infographics enables you to see your full supply chain in real-time — from API to distribution — revealing bottlenecks and process breaks. With this visibility, you’ll reduce lead-time from end to end.

Ensure Reliability of Supply and Mitigate Future Risk:

Wish you had a crystal ball to reveal your risks? FusionOps helps you identify and mitigate risks that could impact your ability to keep deliveries humming. Augment S&OP processes with a consolidated view of product flow through the supply chain in order to pinpoint and mitigate shortages and manage tradeoffs.

Pre-populated Analytics for Pharma

Ready-to-use Dashboards, Metrics and Reports.


Use Big Data analysis of transactional data to drive segmentation of product lines and customers.


End-to-End Lead time infographics help users identify and to prioritize opportunities for improvement.


Forward looking metrics help identify capacity bottlenecks and demand vs. supply projections.


Get a handle on inventory with worldwide inventory infographics (API, tablet and packaged drugs).

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