March 25, 2016

FusionOps Introduces Prescriptive Analytics for Supply Chain

FusionOps’ prebuilt prescriptive analytics are now integrated into its scalable cloud platform, leveraging a compute infrastructure.

FusionOps has extended its Supply Chain Intelligence Cloud platform to include predefined prescriptive analytics, giving users access to data science-backed recommendations to optimize their inventory for reduced operational costs and improved customer service levels.FusionOps’ prebuilt prescriptive analytics are integrated into its scalable cloud platform, leveraging a compute infrastructure, which can lead to accelerated time-to-insights.”Prescriptive and predictive analytics is a natural next step for our platform. Inventory optimization has been an ongoing issue for our customers and the industry for a while,” Gary Meyers, CEO of FusionOps, told eWEEK.“Until now, getting prescriptive insights required time-consuming data preparation and expensive data scientists to develop advanced analytics scenarios. Our big data platform bypasses a lot of the complexity by already having a wealth of harmonized, clean data for our customers.”FusionOps uses prescriptive analytics as a basis to add advanced analytics scenarios rapidly, such as inventory optimization and demand forecasting.