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December 17, 2015

FusionOps Announces Major Release Of Supply Chain Intelligence Cloud

Mountain View, CA, December 16, 2015 — FusionOps announced today a major new release of the FusionOps Supply Chain Intelligence Cloud™ that includes new features that help companies easily leverage and share FusionOps to help them make better decisions to maximize corporate performance.

The new features of the release include: open APIs that enable companies to integrate FusionOps supply chain intelligence with enterprise business applications; support for more industry leading software including SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization (APO), JDA, and JD Edwards; and an extensive list of new supply chain content areas.

New APIs Give Developers FusionOps Integration With Enterprise Applications

The FusionOps Supply Chain Intelligence Cloud now offers two new APIs that give IT teams and application developers the flexibility to embed FusionOps’ supply chain intelligence seamlessly into their existing IT landscape. By using these new APIs, developers save a massive amount of time and effort leveraging pre-integrated, correlated, and harmonized supply chain information from a single trusted source.

  • The new REST-based Data API allows developers to incorporate FusionOps’ supply chain information into mobile applications, Apache Hadoop® data lakes, and enterprise applications such as, Microsoft® Sharepoint®, business intelligence (BI) tools, and desktop visualization tools. Enterprises get the validated FusionOps supply chain intelligence they rely on within their existing enterprise solutions.
  • The new FusionOps javascript-based Web API enables developers to embed popular FusionOps dashboards and LiveAnalytics™ infographics within any web-enabled enterprise application, such as customer or vendor portals. Developers can deliver the FusionOps experience within their own applications.

“Organizations have never suffered from a lack of data, but there has been a dearth of actionable intelligence to drive better business decisions. Our customers rely on the FusionOps Intelligence Cloud as the information source they trust to make better decisions about their supply chain,” said Gary Meyers, CEO of FusionOps. “This latest release advances our goal of making FusionOps available across the enterprise in any application.”

Support For Additional Enterprise ERP And Enterprise Applications

The FusionOps Supply Chain Intelligence Cloud converts transactional data from multiple data sources into actionable business knowledge. This new release provides native support for additional enterprise applications:

  • Support for SAP® Advanced Planning & Optimization (APO): Companies can now integrate SAP APO® with FusionOps to get forward-looking insights into how supply matches demand over the planning horizon. By identifying future imbalances in supply and demand, supply chain professionals can avoid issues that impact service levels, revenue and cash flow.

Key benefits include:

Projecting long term cash flows and inventory balances

Improving efficiency by predicting capacity issues across manufacturing networks

Mitigating supply shortages to improve service levels and increase revenue

  • JDA Software: FusionOps now provides users of JDA Software solutions with seamless data integration for rapid deployment and unrivaled accuracy of supply chain information.
  • Oracle JD Edwards: Companies using Oracle JD Edwards can now use the FusionOps Supply Chain Intelligence Cloud to turn transactional data into actionable business knowledge for better decision making. Pre-populated analytic applications provide business users with predictive and diagnostic insights across demand forecasting, procurement, sales operations, inventory and production planning.

More Supply Chain Analytical Content Areas to Drive Business Success

FusionOps Supply Chain Intelligence Cloud provides out of the box pre-built applications across the supply chain, purpose-built to improve supply chain performance. This latest release features 100% more analytical models and 50% more metrics to help manufacturing companies more accurately understand supply chain performance. The new supply chain content extends existing applications in FusionOps, including production planning, sales, and inventory. Plus there are additional new analytical areas including master data management and customer/supplier rebates and chargebacks.

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