March 25, 2016

FusionOps adds pre-defined prescriptive analytics to their supply chain intelligence cloud

Supply chain intelligence cloud provider FusionOps, Inc. has today announced that they have added pre-defined prescriptive analytics to their cloud platform

The new feature will give enterprise users access to data science-backed recommendations that can be used to optimize inventory in order to reduce operational cost and improve customer service levels.

FusionOps says that due to their pre-built prescriptive analytics being integrated into its scalable cloud platform, it is able to leverage a massive compute infrastructure to deliver accelerated time-to-insights, giving users daily access to information they can use to make decisions versus the current situation with other providers where the data is often only available monthly, or by having to rely on IT and a team of data scientists to compile, harmonize, and translate the information.

“We continue to innovate on our Supply Chain Intelligence Cloud to deliver real results for our customers,” FusionOps Chief Executive Officers Gary Meyers said in a statement sent to SiliconANGLE.  “Delivering prescriptive analytics for inventory in addition to our existing diagnostic and predictive analytics is a natural evolution for FusionOps and a quantum leap for business users. We are opening the door to the latest in data science and putting it into the hands of people who need it the most, business users.”