Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear

“FusionOps is the window that we look through to get to our information and make good decisions.”


Cedar Mill, Oregon


Apparel, Footwear, Accessories and Equipment


US$2.1 billion





FusionOps Supply Chain Intelligence helps Columbia increase net profit by 45%.


FusionOps: Thanks for speaking with us today, Fred. Tell us a little about Columbia Sportswear.

Fred: Columbia Sportswear is about a $2 billion apparel and footwear company with 5,000 employees globally. We operate in the wholesale channel to large customers. We work in our own retail channels, and then we have our own e-commerce. We need to service all three of those channels in a seamless way.

How do we get better? How do we make the right product? How do we have it in the right place at the right time, and how do we manage that information to deliver better to our customers? That’s what it’s all about. And FusionOps has been a key part of that for us over the last couple of years.

FusionOps: How did you approach implementing SAP and FusionOps together?

Fred: In traditional implementations, many companies wait until after their implementation of SAP to actually start to analyze and utilize tools like FusionOps. We did it a little differently. We actually did it in parallel. And what that’s enabled us to do is leverage FusionOps for its visibility of information, give visibility to our business, and start to refine our models and our reports in order to deliver what the business really needs.

FusionOps: Can you tell us how FusionOps helps you manage your omni-channel any differently?

Fred: For us, FusionOps has been great because it gives us a single view of demand and inventory, whether it be from our wholesale customers, our retail customers, or our e-commerce.

FusionOps: What’s one of the first things you gained from FusionOps?

Fred: FusionOps has enabled us to provide visibility to information a lot quicker. We’re able to leverage a lot of the existing data models, and be able to extend some of those to fit our business process.

FusionOps: How does FusionOps fit into your overall Cloud strategy?

Fred: We have a strong cloud strategy where you’re doing more and more things. You can’t ignore the cloud. FusionOps fits very well into our strategy, and we are able to do that without making an investment in physical hardware and software, but instead just an integration layer with them, that is very smooth and rapid to deploy.

FusionOps: How has it been partnering with FusionOps?

Fred: We really have a partnership with FusionOps. We get great response from the top of the company, all the way down to the customer service team and the support. When we’ve got needs, we call, whether it’s day or night, and they’re there to respond to what we’ve got. FusionOps is really a big data solution, but also a great application, on top of that. It’s the window that we look through to get to our information and make good decisions.