Turn Inventory

It’s common knowledge. Stuff sitting around a warehouse is a money loser. So how do you prevent your inventory from getting dusty?

Make it visible. All the time.

Pre-Populated Analytics for Inventory

Ready-to-Use Dashboards, Metrics and Reports.

Inventory Turns

Quickly find slow moving inventory by tracking inventory turns across raw WIP and finished goods.

Inventory Aging

Get a detailed view of inventory across storage locations and products as it ages 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or older.

Inventory History

A complete view of your historical inventory and demand helps you identify patterns and set better inventory policy.

Excess and Shortage

Identify excess inventory across plants and products, see where shortages are impacting production and customer shipments.

Prescriptive Inventory Optimization

Leverage the power of data science to take your inventory strategy to new heights.


Reduce working capital by
reducing excess inventory

Automatically finds opportunities to
reduce the inventory without
impacting service levels.


Prescribe the Right Service
Level Targets for Cost Savings

Prescribe a cost-optimized service level based
on product cost, selling price and carrying cost
and the demand forecast.


Optimize Safety Stock to Maintain
Customer Service Levels

Powerful “what-if” analysis tells you
impact of variation in lead time and

A Beautiful View of Inventory


Application Suite of Supply Chain Analytics

Desktop-based BI tools lead to islands of data and no clear answers. FusionOps provides a suite of supply chain applications that deliver answers to help you maximize performance across your entire supply chain.

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